9 of the Prettiest Flowers in the World

Roses come in many colors from white to dark crimson. They grow on thorny shrubs, making them iconic and beautiful. Perfect for any garden.


Dahlias boast vibrant colors and sizes from 2-inch to 15-inch blooms. Related to sunflowers and zinnias, they grow from tubers, not bulbs.


Tulips, spring's colorful jewels, come in every shade. Varieties include ruffled, fringed, or lily-shaped flowers, signaling winter s end.


Orchids, in diverse colors and shapes, are easier to grow than you think. They require minimal water but regular fertilization for best results.


Lilies burst open in a sunburst pattern with captivating scents. Available in many colors, they often feature contrasting speckles.


Lotus flowers bloom in swamps in colors like white, pink, and blue. Revered for beauty and resilience, they symbolize purity and transcendence.


Known as sword lilies, gladioli feature tall spikes and pointed leaves. They add depth to arrangements with their unique, colorful blooms.


Carnations, a type of dianthus, have a ruffled appearance and spicy scent. Natural colors include pink, white, coral, and red, but can be dyed.


Named after the Greek goddess, irises come in many colors, often lavender, purple, and yellow. Sizes range from 6 inches to 4 feet tall.


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