8 Small Garden Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Space

Island Garden Focal Point

Incorporate an island garden in your lawn to create a central focal point, enhanced with bold ornaments or large containers and tall plants for a sense of abundance.

Create Garden Space

Use a thin strip of lawn to separate and expand your garden visually, framing it with small trees and shrubs in soft textures and colors to enhance your living area view.

Colorful Furniture Accent

Brighten your garden with colorful furniture and ornaments to maintain vibrancy even when plants aren't blooming, maximizing impact in a small space.

Curved Pathways

Install curving paths to visually expand your garden by obscuring views, creating intrigue and depth, and enhancing cohesion with intermittent color accents.

Geometrical Plantings

Achieve formality with clipped hedges and geometrically shaped evergreens, offering a Versailles-inspired look that's easily adapted with seasonal flowers and furniture.

Container Gardens

Use planters to delineate a small garden area, transforming open spaces into cozy bistro-like spots for dining or socializing.

Vertical Garden Utilization

Train vines on walls and fences to create intimate dining spaces, ideal for small courtyards, enhanced with features like ponds and flowering plants for a cottage garden feel.

Framed Views

Install see-through fences or gates to draw attention to nearby views, making your garden feel expansive and integrated with its surroundings.

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