8 Pretty Plants and Flowers For The Gravel Garden

Aromatic Lavender Fields Forever

This perennial plant thrives in gravel gardens, attracting bees and butterflies while offering beautiful blooms and versatile uses.

Sedum Rockery Spectacular

Their succulent leaves store water, making them drought-tolerant. Enjoy their burst of colors and low-maintenance beauty in your garden.

Thyme for a Thriving Groundcover

Its fragrant leaves and tiny flowers attract pollinators and add a lush, green carpet to your gravel garden.

Euphorbia for Drought-Defying Decor

Its unique foliage and vibrant blooms thrive in sunny, dry conditions, adding a dramatic touch with minimal maintenance.

Agave for Sculptural Splendor

These heat-loving plants thrive in dry conditions, creating bold focal points in your gravel garden with their dramatic rosettes.

Nodding Onion for an Alluring Addition

This plant adds movement and visual interest to your garden, making it a captivating addition to any gravel setting.

Rock Rose is a Durable Dazzler

These low-maintenance plants light up your garden with shades of pink, white, or yellow, thriving in sunny spots.

Alpine Poppy is a High Altitude Hero

These colorful, resilient plants add a picturesque quality to your garden with their vivid, silky petals and easy maintenance.

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